THE Glow

Lyrics and Composition by Laura Taglialatela


Since energy transforms

it cannot just disappear

I’m letting it flow

as God’s will

There’s no point at this time

in keeping the inner child

from being in all his light.

This should have all worked itself out by now

haze and dust…

I’ll hide here

watching the glow

perhaps I’ll know, perhaps I won’t

And it fades away,

it fades away,

yet it fades away

and it fades away…


Lyrics and Composition by Laura Taglialatela


The world is competitive and surviving

requires cold blood and a strong hand

You can’t stop, there’s no time, you’re not enough

and you try your best

you should let it be

You’ve been keeping for so long to please them

now you don’t know how to please yourself

They want it more and more, and more, and more

and you’re trying your best

you should let yourself be

It can be dangerous

to look around

we spend our whole lives trying to make something big

and then we find ourselves realize how true is

that happiness is hidden in simple things

They keep telling you you can achieve it

maybe deep in yourself you don’t care

you just need to express your love, your heart, your soul

and with no more stress

you should let yourself be

Put your hopes in your backpack

don’t forget about the promises you made to yourself

stop being so hard, just take some rest

don’t let the others decide on your path

Just do what you want to do, do what you love

do it with your time and enjoy doing it

don’t let the others decide on your path,

you are the only one who really cares

Yes it’s a hard world where everything runs fast

but if you stop and take a look around

you’ll find happiness

 Take Me Back

Lyrics and Composition by Laura Taglialatela


Hey there

hear me

you’re the one who sent me here

fear is ravaging

you must save me

Dear Lord

help me

I’m trying to figure answers

please come, make it clear

raise my heart with hope

I know

you’re there

I need

your help

make me strong enough, please

Stay by

my side

I’ve gone

too far

Take me back to you, Lord

Silly Girl 

Lyrics and Composition by Laura Taglialatela


Silly girl run away

don’t leave other pieces of yourself on that broken way

Stay awake, it’s a game that you can win

so don’t try to fix the sword that wounds you

Go silly girl

lover, mother

Pure, loving soul

Hero, fighter

Proud, brave

Open minded

Keeper of that old fashioned spirit of love

Silly girl you’re coming from the hardest fight


Composed by Wayne Shorter, Lyrics by Laura Taglialatela


In a very ancient time

there was a girl

Icon of beauty

young and powerful

strong and beautiful she was

the queen

Great of praises, lady of grace

she’s been defined

idol of wisdom

loved by everyone

sparkling diamonds in her eyes

the queen

Greatest beauty of all time

she’s been adored

light in the darkness

Still she inspires hearts

with the bravery in her face

the queen

It’s a mistery for us

where she came from

how did she get there

but she gained her crown

ruling with prosperity

the queen