"The Glow” is the inspiration, the divine entity the artist feeds off and is in constant search of. The idea at the base of this collection of works is to create an embodiment that shows the definition of an artist in the process of self acknowledgment, and self acceptance, through the struggles that come by the confrontation with real life.


Each track, therefore, represents a moment of the artist's emotional journey in the controversial relationship with his art: love, devotion, fear, resignation, realization, enthusiasm, despair, joy, all in a space where boundaries between genres and/or between single individuals cease to exist, and the guiding principle is the flow of a spontaneous and fresh interaction.


Taglialatela combines original rhapsodies (Happiness, Silly Girl) to songs, which show traces of the influence of soul and gospel (Take Me Back, The Glow). She also reveals her ability as a lyricist on two tunes written by her bandmates, "Frantasy", by Francesco Ciniglio, and "There's That Smile", by Dayna Stephens, and on a Wayne Shorter’s masterpiece, “Nefertiti”, which is a double tribute to the composer and to the famous queen of the Egypt, an important figure often remembered and celebrated for her incredible beauty, and not enough for the prosperity and the cultural revolution she brought to her people. Icing on the cake, the band performs two atypical arrangements of some Antonio Carlos Jobim’s classics, “Inutil Paisagem” and “Retrato Em Branco and Preto”.


The band includes musicians from different cultural and musical (and geographical!) backgrounds: Domenico Sanna on piano and rhodes, Matteo Bortone on double bass, Francesco Ciniglio on drums, Dayna Stephens on tenor saxophone and ewi, Logan Richardson, special guest on 4 of the tracks, on alto saxophone.

All improvisations, even when guided by a leader, are collective, and the roles intersect to the point that sometimes vocals become an instrument of accompaniment.